2013 UF Real Estate Conference

2013 UF Real Estate Conference, Orlando, FL

2013 UF Real Estate Conference, Orlando, FL

The vibe was good at this year’s UF Real Estate Conference in Orlando.  Always enjoy seeing my Gator friends and collegues!  My favorite part of the conference was the panel discussion of industry leaders which included:

  • Armando Codina
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
    Codina Partners, Inc.
  • James H. Pugh, Jr.
    Owner and Chairman
    Epoch Properties, Inc.
  • Martin E. “Hap” Stein, Jr.
    Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
    Regency Centers
  • Terry Stiles
    Chairman & CEO
    Stiles Corporation
  • J. Ronald Terwilliger
    Chairman Emeritus
    Trammell Crow Residential Company

These are all well seasoned real estate gun slingers, entrepreneurs and investors.   Soundbites from their conversations included things like:

-Panamax-the expansion of the locks in the Panama Canal, increasing the maximum size of vessels three fold.

-Maintaining a strategy of de-leverage.

-Multifamily solving a fundamental human need.

-Actively buying distressed debt, entitled residential land and working on a condo conversation with current apartments.

My other favorite session was listening to Christopher Lee with CEL & Associates.  Chris talked about how we’re turning into a renter society, not just with housing, but with other things as well.  Zip Cars, where you rent the use of a car by the minute.  Zip Space, where you rent the use of office space by the hour.  Measuring units of consumption vs square footage.  All kinda interesting ideas. Go Gators!