Apple 4s iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy S5: A review from a commercial real estate dude in Ocala, FL.

So after five plus years and several generations of iPhones, I’ve made the jump to the new Samsung Galaxy S5. My motivation was partially because I was bored with Apple products and wanted to try something new and partially because I wanted to be out from under the thumb of all things Apple and iTunes. Overall, I like the change.
Here are a couple of things that were high on my radar in using these smartphones that may help you in finding your next one:
As you can see in the picture, there’s a pretty significant size difference. As a 44 year- old guy now using reading glasses in the mornings and evenings, I love the size of the S5. I can actually see the darn screen now and love the clarity. The S5 is light, thin and easily fits in my pocket.
I had heard several people complain there was too much confusing stuff on their Galaxies. The S5 does have a lot on it, but I was easily able to delete most everything that wasn’t relevant to me. And after about two days, I felt completely comfortable navigating the S5.
The camera on the S5 is jam up awesome. I take tons of pictures with our family and friends having outdoor fun on the water or in the woods. I also use the phone every week taking pictures of commercial properties for my real estate business.
The speakers on the S5 are on the back of the phone, which I can’t say is much better than Apple placing them on the bottom of the 4s. This may be great for the people behind me, but I sure wish they would place them on the front of the phones like on the HTC One.

Voice Mail
I average about 35 voice mail messages a day on my phone and loved the way my iPhones helped me manage them. I now have to actually pay Verizon an additional $3 a month to use visual voice mail, which was not a happy surprise. It’s just as quick and easy as the iPhone, I just don’t like having to pay additionally for it.
This is an area where I really do miss my iPhone. The S5 is painfully slow loading and processing emails. I mean p-a-i-n-f-u-l-l-y slow, as in count to 12 Mississippi while you wait for every email to open and upload. All the iPhones have operated with lightning speed compared to the S5.
I was a little nervous about losing access to all the apps I had found in iTunes, but in 20 minutes of shopping around the “Play Store,” I found every app I had on my iPhone, plus a ton more. I’m a fisherman so this included apps like Navionics, Windfinder Pro, NOAA and Weather channel. Installing Facebook, Linkedin and Dropbox apps were a piece of cake.
I know the next iPhone will be coming out later this year, but I’m glad to make a change. Think I’ll go check my Facebook updates… as soon as I can find which of my kids has my new phone:)