We deliver great results for our clients by providing encyclopedic knowledge of the commercial real estate market in North Central Florida and by implementing our powerful national marketing machine. This creates huge value for our clients by ensuring their properties receive maximum exposure to the global marketplace of people buying and leasing commercial real estate. This often results in creating competition for our client’s properties which results in higher property values.

Why We’re Different

Most of our competitors are great at initially shopping the usual list of buyers and hoping to “double-end” their fees on transactions. Our competitors also don’t typically like to share their commissions 50/50 with other brokers who bring their buyers and tenants to the deals. While this may create large fees for a broker, we don’t think that’s in the best interest of folks selling and leasing their commercial real estate.
At SVN, we place our client’s interest ahead of our own interest by offering to share our commissions 50/50 with cooperating brokers and by marketing properties to both our proprietary database of investors and the 100,000+ brokers across the country.
We also don’t dabble in a mixture of commercial and residential brokerage like many of our local competitors. We eat, sleep and breathe commercial real estate.
And unlike many of our local competitors, we don’t own commercial real estate in the this market. You never have to worry about a conflict of interest where our personal properties come before yours.

Our Core Covenants

Our core covenants–emphasizing accountability, responsibility and transparency–create a positive working environment for our team. We agree to abide by these core covenants, while upholding the SVN brand.

  • Cooperating proactively with all brokers and agents and always placing my client’s interests above my own.
  • Showing respect and support to my clients and colleagues.
  • Honoring my commitments.
  • Personifying and upholding the SVN® brand.
  • Creating tangible benefits for my clients, colleagues and community.
  • Resolving conflicts quickly, positively and effectively
  • Taking personal responsibility for achieving my own potential.
  • Excelling in my market area and specialty within the firm.
  • Focusing on the positive and the possible.
  • Nurturing my career while valuing the importance of family, health and community.

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