The Single Tenant Net-Lease Brokers

The Sperry Van Ness® Single Tenant Net-Lease Team specializes in the brokerage of net-leased properties in the Southeast. Our advisors are experts in their respective markets and can tell the story of each unique property. And through the Sperry Van Ness national platform, we have the ability to market and locate properties nationwide, leveraging the entire brokerage community. This unique advantage combined with our Net-Lease expertise delivers the best results for our clients.

Owning Net Leased Properties

Net leased investment properties are typically passive real estate investments with minimal or no management requirements that produce a stabilized stream of monthly income. There are numerous benefits to these properties.

  • With a NN (double-net) or NNN (triple-net) lease, the tenant typically pays for real estate taxes, property maintenance, and casualty insurance over the term of the lease.
  • The rent is on a fixed schedule that is paid monthly over the respective lease term (5, 10, or 15 years, etc.) The value of a net lease real estate investment will change with fluctuations in the real estate market, however, if you are not selling, the rent is due the first of every month.
  • NN (double-net) lease – is similar to a NNN lease, but may have additional owner responsibilities such as maintenance of structural components. Individual leases vary.
  • Steady monthly income stream collected from a corporate tenant and long term leases (7 to 15 years), usually with renewal options and rent escalations.
  • Single Tenant Net Lease real estate investments are a great diversification tool for portfolios heavily dependent upon mutual fund or stock market returns.
  • Simple to understand.
  • Easy to finance since bankers understand the net lease concept and properties are easily comparable.

We can help:

  • Analyze each location: demographics, traffic counts, growth patterns
  • Locate the best net leased investment properties
  • Provide an in-depth analysis
  • Aggressively negotiate the acquisition on your behalf
  • Assist in locating the best possible financing
  • Assist through escrow to closing

If you would like more information about Single Tenant properties, or list of available Single Tenant properties, please fill out the contact form below. An advisor specializing in Single Tenant properties will contact you.