Urban Redevelopment: Redemption Real Estate?

I was watching a Bible scholar the other night who was on site in Turkey. He was walking through the ruins of what used to be Laodicea and Sardis. It was amazing to see these large mounds and hills that are the result of generation after generation developing real estate in the same location. The crumbled blocks of one project often serving as the foundation for another.
There seems to be a renewed excitement these days about redevelopment projects in core urban areas, especially as communities seek ways to attract and retain businesses. Our local newspaper recently featured one of our client’s properties in downtown Ocala. The reporter chose an insightful headline: “A Big, Clean Slate for Ocala’s Urban Core.”
The thought occurs to me, isn’t that really what we all want? A big clean slate. I wonder if that is what really drives the desire to redevelop urban real estate. Maybe we should call it Redemption Real Estate. Checkout the article and think of what you would do with 3.5 acres in the city.